Stowe Slope Style Fashion Show – Oct 19th

 Come join us at Stowe’s Slope Style Fashion Show on Sunday, October 19th! The show will be featuring ski fashion styles from the 1930’s until 2014. Co-founder Melanie Stern will be combining the old with the new by modeling two one-pieces from the early 80s and 90s with our modern and fashionable helmet covers. Read more about the Stowe Fashion exhibit here. Hope to see you all there!

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“You can totally look like you’re on a bond style mission while you sashay, slide, cruise, charge or crash your way around the slopes with these things!” – Crash Test Bunny

“You may as well keep you helmet on all the time as a Helmet Hugger will probably look better than hat hair anyway and your little noggin will be saved from any tumbles you may take.” – SportsinHeels

“You’ll be surprised with all the Huggers they’ve designed so you can add a little sass and fun to your sport!” – Velohut

“I know there is always rivalry between skiers and shredders but snowboarders look so much ‘cooler’ than skiers. However I always feel that the headwear lets you down. Until now! Congratulations to Helmet Huggers on a great idea and a great product” – Meeru Style

 “Helmets, considered unattractive by many, have become fashion accessories thanks to the high-end Helmet Huggers for skiers, snowboarders and cyclists. Sophisticated, hip and cute, Helmet Huggers…” – Currents Magazine NJ

“Helmet Huggers are made for folks hitting the slopes.” – St Louis Today

Can’t find that perfect helmet to suit your style on the slopes, the ramps or the road? Helmet Huggers offers helmet covers… – City Scene Magazine

For the Spanish Speaking, check out our feature in El Diario (La Pensa)!

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or simply updating your winter wardrobe, these cold winter accessories will keep you stylish & warm. – Scottsdale Health and Life

I think we can all agree on one thing… no matter what way you look at it, helmets are not cute. Okay, so the neon pink helmet is kind of close, but what happens when neon isn’t in anymore? Do you have to spend another $150 on a new helmet that hopefully lasts for more than one season? – The Snow Magazine article “Lust Have: Helmet Huggers”

Ski and snowboard helmets aren’t exactly known for being super stylish, but instead of resigning yourself to a head protector that only offers function, jazz things up with a Helmet Hugger. These super-cute toppers slide right over your helmet, providing you with the perfect way to look stylish while hitting the slopes. – Girls Gone Sporty

“Great solutions to keep the comfort and joy in your winter ride – Velojoy

for those who like to look fashionable on the slopes, donning a helmet can be like wearing hiking boots with a haute couture dress…Enter Helmet Huggers…Available in a wide variety of colors and faux fur trims, Helmet Huggers are perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of glam to their ski helmet. – Middle Aged Ski Bum 

Makes a great gift for the holidays I say…finding clothes that are affordable, functional and stylish is not always so the Team Behind Helmet Huggers. – Aspen Real Life

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your helmet and you like the faux fur look, definitely check out Helmet Huggers. They’re well-made and entirely functional…The spandex is lightweight but sturdy, and the fur is not overwhelming – an appropriate accent. – Brave Ski Mom

If you have a helmet that needs a revamp or you think is a little too boring for the slopes this year, check out the Helmet Huggers ..changes a dreary-looking helmet into something altogether much more extraordinary. – Fiona Outdoors

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Other News – Prior to 2013

At a fundraiser for Kids Play International with founder and ex Olympian Aerialist, Tracy Evans. The organization helps kids in third world countries gain more access to community sports. All the proceeds from the auction went to this great cause, and we were thrilled to be apart of it. Thanks for the support Tracy! (Click the picture to be directed to the KidsPlayInternational site!)

Co-founder, Natalie Ryneveld, with friends at Ridgewood’s Second Annual Beauty and Style Event

Tips From Town – Ski Helmets No Longer a Fashion Faux Pas

Ridgewood Patch – Family Promotes Fashionable Safety with Ski Helmet Covers