How Do Helmet Huggers Work?

Follow the Steps Below or Watch the Video on How to Use Your Helmet Hugger:

  1. First attach one Velcro to the front center of your helmet, and the other one to the corresponding spot on your Helmet Hugger (we recommend in between the two seams).*
  2. Next, make sure the elastic bungee (located in the back underneath the opening) on your Helmet Hugger is loosened all the way so it is easier to slip your Helmet Hugger over your helmet. You can loosen/tighten the Helmet Hugger by pushing the button on the stopper, and moving the stopper up/down the elastic bungee.
  3. Attach your Helmet Hugger to your helmet by matching the Velcros. While firmly holding the Hugger and helmet in place where the Velcros meet, slowly slip the rest of the Hugger around the brim of your helmet.
  4. Tighten the Helmet Hugger with the elastic bungee until you feel the Helmet Hugger fits tightly around your helmet.
  5. If you have a goggle clip, simply pull it through the opening located in the back. Fit your goggles around your helmet like you normally would, and then snap the goggle clip into place.
  6. You’ve now transformed your helmet into a fashionable accessory!

*The Velcros are for extra security, but the Helmet Hugger will not fly off if the elastic bungee is pulled tight enough. The Velcros can be easily removed should you choose not to use them.