Returning to figure skating, and seeing ambulances at the rink every week, I promised my husband I’d wear a helmet. I do wear one and it’s cute. But it’s time to look fabulous as I bust out my ice dancing moves. Excited for my new look – IM, WASHINGTON, DC

 I love the product!   I think helmet huggers would fly off the shelves. The comparable item was a cute “teak” wood helmet with a rose engraved.  (Really!!!?) I love all of them!  [I] think this is a great product to help the ugly feel of helmet women hate!   I’ve gotten SO many inquiries when I’m wearing it.  Love what you came up with!  🙂 – SC, KENTUCKY

I am currently heading  a school ski trip and we insisted that the students wear helmets. As a fervent non helmet wearer myself, I realized that I would have to wear one to set the right example.  While on a personal trip to Switzerland recently I spotted some kids wearing covers on their helmets which looked fun and I wondered if there was an equivalent for adults. I  checked the internet and came across your site which has a fantastic selection. I am now a convert to ski helmets providing I can customize them with something glamorous!!! OA, UNITED KINGDOM 

Hello there, fellow skiers! I would like to express how excited I am to find out about your product and to receive it. It made me buy a helmet today for the first time.  – VS, NEW YORK

I’m so glad you girls thought of this.  I wanted to cover up my helmet for years and hated everything out there.  We’re going skiing out west and I know how important it is to wear a helmet but I’d always go back to my hat due to feeling naked without anything on my helmet.  I’m finally looking forward to wearing that darn thing.  Thanks for saving my brain! – KM, MICHIGAN



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